Tot Onze Grote Spijt

Johan Terryn & De  Studio

Imagine this: you are walking on a beach, you are completely alone, content to be by yourself,
it’s close to noon, the sun shines bright even though it’s February,
you descended the cliff to read, a dip in the ocean would be too cold,
you walk along the cliffs to the spot where you always lay down and heck: on your path, right in front of you, lays a dolphin.
The head half rotted away, but the creature is still clearly a dolphin.
What would you do? Because suddenly you are no longer alone on that beach.
Suddenly there is another life, dead nonetheless. Another story that crosses your path.

Many stories cross the path of Johan Terryn, as he investigates how the feeling of regret seeped into his own life. Each one tells him of their own regrets. Each one is looking for a way to digest their sorrow. Tot Onze Grote Spijt, the new play by Johan Terryn and De Studio, is a journey into regret’s wondrous digestive tract.

Fri 9 Dec 22     20u00
Sat 10 Dec 22     20u00

tekst & spel Johan Terryn coaching Randall Casaer productie De Studio


Thu 8 Dec 22     20u00
De Studio