Saint maud A24 scaled


zo 31 okt

84' 2019 VK (ondertitels: NL)

Over de voorstelling

**** Saint Maud is een beklemmende horrorfilm over religieus fanatisme, maar ook een knap psychologisch portret.”
- De Volkskrant
***** Charting a razor-sharp course between the borders of horror, satire, psychodrama and lonely character study (Taxi Driver has been cited as an influence), Saint Maud is a taut, sinewy treat, blessed with an impressively fluid visual sensibility and boosted by two quite brilliant central performances.”
- The Guardian
There’s little doubt that Saint Maud will be a huge turning point in Clark’s career. Her powerful performance brings a sobering clarity to the story, even at its most vivid and disturbing. In the film’s most horrific scene, Maud pushes pins through the insoles of her shoes and steps into them, screaming in pain. It then cuts to her walking along the seafront, the agony boiling beneath her skin as she struggles to keep her composure. Not for a second do you imagine that those pins aren’t really in her shoes as she hobbles along, and not for a second is your empathy broken. It’s a powerful depiction of self-harm- a fragile, almost child-like woman with a reclusive nature and an inability to connect, who finds a strength from within greater than most of us could muster, only to hurt herself rather than help herself.’
- Mike Williams in: Sight and Sound, Vol. 30, nr. 9, nov. 2020, p. 28