Lost in Nightlife





The HOUSE ON FIRE KOLLEKTIVE is proud to present its first collaboration with De Studio in Antwerp. 

Lost In Nightlife combines different aspects and music genres of the nightlife scene in one event. The night starts with the screening of the cult documentary Italo Disco Legacy and a exhibition on nightlife photography followed by a party in two separate rooms. The first room will be hosted by House On Fire serving up your Italo, house and techno needs. For the second room we’ve invited B a g g e r h a r t from the Antwerp nightlife-scene for this occasion to provide an eclectic touch to the evening. In case of FOMO We Are Various will take care of the online streaming during the event.

Documentary directed by Pietro Anton
A journey into the past and the future of Italo Disco music through the stories of the original 80's heroes and cult DJs and the voice of a new generation of artists, radio broadcasters and fans ready to carry on the Italo Disco Legacy 

The night kicks off with two screenings;
20:00-21:30: https://bit.ly/2MEclv5
21:30-23:00: https://bit.ly/2PLtikV
Both tickets provide entrance to the party!!

The party starts at 22:00 in two separate rooms!
€ 5 damage before 23h, 10 € damage after

Since we want to keep the Italo flow going this could be your best answer when talking about a new generation of artists influenced by Italo Disco…

Betonkust (NL) 
#Dekmantel #Pinkman #1080p

Innershades (BE) 
#9300 Records #PalermoDiscoSquad #Bordello A Parigi
House, Italo, Acid, Techno

We thought it was nice to have these guys going for a b2b as both have worked together before and recently also joined forces with their release Forever in Boccaccio on the Britisch label Crimes of the Future. 

Support acts; WAV Soundsystem (Fred Nasen & Nikolai Pascual), Bonvil, Solco and Cheap Charly Men

Providing the best crowd and eclectic dance in the Antwerp nightlife scene B a g g e r h a r t invites

DJ soFa (BE) 
One of Brussels most versatile DJ's brings us eclectic music from all over the world. Since 1997 he has been collecting vinyl without limit in space, time or genre. What counts is the right mood and to take the audience to a long journey of new musical…ooooh yes…he also likes to play for drunk people.

Support acts; Jeroen Perceval and MESSIAS / Baggerboi

Online streaming of the event will be supported by We Are Various. WAV is a radio station transmitting from inside a museum of photography (Pixel Café). WAV is not just radio. They host label specials, tastings and theme shows,
give air to dedicated producers, invest in podcasts that make a difference, invite artists from every field; Soul, jazz, electronics, indie, rap, folk, wave, uplifting or downtempo, talkie or non-stop, soundfile or seven inch, vocal or instrumental. Magnified by the USA Import soundsystem. We Are Various and so are you.

To complete this trip through nightlife we’ve invited leading nightlife photographers who weekly capture Belgian nightlife-scène. The exhibition reveals the nightclub as much more than a dance bar or a music venue; it is an immersive environment for intense experiences. The photographers will expose their favorite pictures made at night & the stories behind those interesting moments. A display of pictures underlines the significant relationship between photography and club culture.