Full Circle





F U L L C I R C L E . 

s e v e n v e n u e s . 
o n e t i c k e t . 
o n e n i g h t .

Full Circle is a yearly city festival taking place in Antwerp’s biggest nightclubs and some off-the-grid venues. All events are accessible with one single ticket.

Through a 100% Belgian line-up, we present ‘the DJ’ as the true craftsman he or she really is. Full Circle presents a story about the vibrant Antwerp creative scene, a story about nightclubs and their rich histories, a story about this country’s leading artists. 

v e n u e s . 

MAS | Museum aan de Stroom. Ampere . Club Vaag . Café d'Anvers (Official) . De Studio . MEATPACK . Pekfabrik

h o s t s . 

Hush Hush . Soulful Sessions . Contrair . Kattenkwaad - Antwerpen . Klank Music . WE ARE TECHNO MACHINES . Sunday Matinee

t i c k e t s . 

. Circle for All - 5€ (200 tickets only)
. Early Circle - 10€ 
. Regular Circle - 15€ 
. Late Circle - 20€
presale starts on Monday 17.09


p a r t n e r s .

Red Bull Elektropedia - Studio Brussel