Lost in Nightlife - This Is Disco





LOST IN NIGHTLIFE combines different aspects of our club culture in one event. 

For our second edition in De Studio we focus on the history, present and future of Disco music.
The night starts with the screening of the documentary STUDIO 54 , a sensational story behind the legendary New York nightclub that defined an era. Followed by a series of talks about this musical genre moderated by How I Work. And of course one big disco party in two rooms, hosted by HET HOF KOLLEKTIVE.

DOCU: STUDIO 54 (Matt Tyrnauer)

Studio54 remains one of the world most epic nightclubs of all times. In the late 1970s, at the peak of the disco dancing it became famous for its celebrity guest lists, open club drug use and restrictive and subjective entry policies based on one's appearance and style. The club was about something that had never existed: an obsessive new celebrity culture, and, more than that, a new ideal that said that everyone could be a star.
With co-founder Ian Schrager telling the whole unvarnished story for the first time, and a treasure-trove of rare footage, the documentary constructs a vivid, glorious portrait of a disco-era phenomenon.

Screening 1: 20:00-21:30
Screening 2: 22:00-23:30
Both tickets provide entrance to the party!!

HOW I WORK (22:00-23:00)

How I Work is a series of talks with a focus on the music industry & nightlife. In our cosy foyer, guest speakers who have defined Belgian nightlife will talk about their relation with this musical genre. 

Geert Sermon - Doctor Vinyl
John Noseda - Kelly Palmer
Jim Van Eupen & Matthieu Bosmans - Klub Dramatik

PARTY (2 rooms)

KIOSK DISCO (hosted by House On Fire)
Lil Lawaw (Vice City)
John Noseda (Kelly Palmer)
Cheap Charly Men (House On Fire)
Solco (House On Fire)

DEEP DISCO ROOM (hosted by We Are Various)
The deeper sound of disco combined with astonishing visuals.

Fred Nasen