Transnational Encounters in the History of Animal Magnetism in Belgium, 1830-1848 + Heen en terug

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Transnational Encounters in the History of Animal Magnetism in Belgium, 1830 – 1848


Early Belgian practices and beliefs on the therapeutic use of animal magnetism were part of a network of traveling people and ideas within a Franco-Dutch-German space. In the 1830s, practitioners of magnetism often learned their skills from either Dutch or French magnetizers. Transregional exchanges among magnetizers continued well into the 1840s. The Belgian medical world, which in the 1830s was only starting to organize its own professional and scientific infrastructure, was mainly informed about magnetism through French medical journals. An awareness of the skeptical position of the French medical establishment, however, did not keep Belgian doctors away from experimenting with magnetism as a therapeutic tool. As in other European countries, this process took place partly in interaction, but also partly in competition with lay magnetizers. French publications were also the main point of reference for Catholic authors, who in Belgium seemed relatively open to the scientific and therapeutic potential of animal magnetism, as long as no supranatural claims were made. This openness was partly facilitated through German romantic, holistic approaches to magnetism, which offered a non-materialist reading of the unity between body and soul.


Heen en terug
Tim Oelbrandt & De Studio

Magical theatre

Let yourself get carried away in an absurd world of magic and the subconscious. Is it real or am I being tricked? You can decide for yourself. Heen en terug promises to be a crazy ride, an evening full of humour and ingenious mind-blowing concoctions.

This magical theatre is nothing like a magic show. Tim Oelbrandt explores the nineteenth century, the Victorian era of hypnosis, fortune telling and spiritism. Heen en terug is a mesmerising séance in which thoughts and assumptions are turned upside down. A psychological trip like no other.

Besides his theatre work both nationally and internationally, Tim devises magic tricks for the TV programme Nicholas. He won the Grand Prix at the 2017 Open Dutch Magic Championship.

"Whether he is a master of magic or a charming charlatan, he slyly leaves us guessing (...) It's nice how Oelbrandt mixes his magic with poetry, comedy and fascinating facts." ★★★★ Gazet van Antwerpen

“Every inch a gentleman.” ★★★ De Standaard


Heen en terug: concept & execution Tim Oelbrandt coaching Dimitri Duquennoy coproduction De Studio


The lecture Transnational Encounters in the History of Animal Magnetism in Belgium, 1830 – 1848 is free with reservation.


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