Hoe te leven?

MartHA!tentatief / Johan Petit & Herwig Ilegems
Hoe te leven © Tim Clement

In Hoe te leven Johan Petit and Herwig Ilegems set off in search of a manual on how to live. They each select four statements of wisdom that they present to the public, each in their own unique ways. After every round the public gets to decide which statement they prefer. The evening ends with a grand finale in which the world’s wisest statement is celebrated. Afterwards, fueled by a newly found lust for life, everybody goes their separate ways.


Wed 2 Nov     20u00
Thu 3 Nov     20u00

spel Herwig Ilegems & Johan Petit concept Wim Helsen & Johan Petit licht & decor Tim Clement coproductie Perpodium met de steun van de Tax Shelter van de Belgische Federale Overheid