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Ephameron is an artist, illustrator, driving force behind Grafixx and teacher at LUCA School of Arts.

Ilse Daems

Worderer and rollicky rascal, allergic to scholish methods, boundary-pusher and novice at philosophising with children.


A boutique management agency for high potential directors and actors in film and TV.


After the Belgian company ZapThemAll was disbanded in 2019, there was a need for a new planning tool in the cultural sector. The only alternative at the time was to work with expensive commercial American companies. Therefore, De Studio and a number of other organisations decided to set up a cooperative company for the industry, by the industry. Thanks to the newly developed open source system a.k.a. Leonardo, you keep the overview. Anyone can join and become a cooperator.

Neal Leemput

Theatre maker, performer and our very own Secretary of Queer Affairs with an office in De Studio’s Closet.

Oi Mundo

Full service casting agency for theatre, film and TV. Oi Mundo wants to offer more talents of various ethnicities a platform to show and develop themselves.


Theatre collective consisting of Bjarne Devolder, Valentijn Dhaenens, Korneel Hamers, Mathijs F Scheepers and Clara van den Broek.

Studio Digitaal

Studio Digitaal uses our attic as a permanent base of operations. A lot of young adults between 18 and 30 are still figuring things out and because of this have a hard time finding a job. The organisation guides young people in the development of their digital, creative and life skills.

Surya Yoga

Surya Yoga at De Studio offers daily yoga classes. Everyone is welcome, with or without experience. Check the website for schedule updates, price information and explanations about the different classes. Namaste!


What does the use of personal data imply for you, for everything and everyone? What does it take from us and what do we get in return? Privacytopia comprises lectures, screenings, exhibitions, etc., but above all a new annual arts festival that is taking root in De Studio. Privacytopia laughs and cries about the turbo Anthropocene we are living in.


Movie academy & production house with focus on diversity in front of and behind the camera! #arevolutionoftalent


We Are Various

The Antwerp alternative radio station 'We Are Various' will now go ON AIR in our foyer! WAV invites local DJs and international artists every week. All music styles are covered: from indie to electronica and rock to ambient and jazz. As long as it makes your ears happy. Tune in!