Roos Rebergen + SunSunSun Orchestra


Roos Rebergen and SunSunSun Orchestra will release their first full-length album this autumn.

SunSunSun Orchestra is the string ensemble with Tim Vandenbergh that, besides concerts and studio
work (for Tamino, John Cale, Einstürzende Neubauten, Het Zesde Metaal, among others), performs
enchanting pieces that move between classical and experimental. Through years of collaboration,
this quintet developed its own sound with a focus on timbre, groove, and rhythm. Tim Vandenbergh
wrote completely new arrangements for Roosbeef's oeuvre. The songs he chose lent themselves best
to strings.

Roos Rebergen is known from the band Roosbeef. She released five successful studio albums with
this band and has been performing in Belgium and the Netherlands for over ten years. She also
collaborated with Torre Florim of De Staat as De Speeldoos, and wrote the poetry collection Ik ben al
elf jaar geen zestien meer.

Tue 26 Nov 24     20u30

vocals Roos Rebergen violin Jeroen Baert & Yumika Lecluyze viola Karel Coninx cello Seraphine Stragier double bass Tim Vandenbergh, Antoon Offeciers Rhodes en Juno



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