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Quite a few theatre companies and individual (theatre) makers find their way to our rehearsal rooms and stages. Some become in-house artists whose work we develop and produce. Others find a permanent stage here at De Studio to which they regularly return. No obligations, but endless possibilities. Here you can read which creators feel so at home at De Studio that they bring their own pair of slippers.

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Alexia Leysen

Alexia Leysen was the initiator of Dagen Zonder Vlees, which says a lot about her mission to turn ideals into actual impact. At De Studio, she worked among other things on the performance KNAUS with Valentijn Dhaenens. Since 2020, her weekly photo column De zin appears in De Standaard Magazine.


Bert of Roy

Bert Haelvoet and Roy Aernouts call themselves the reinventors of chamber theatre. In their self-written theatre repertoire, Ionesco, Beckett and even Gaston and Leo seep through. In short, these crafty mavericks who think outside the box of traditional theatre, are right at home in De Studio.


compagnie barbarie

Een collectief van zeven actrices met een missie. Ruth Beekmans, Evelien Broekaert, Liesje De Backer, Karolien De Bleser, Amber Goethals, Lotte Vaes en Sarah Vangeel maken voorstellingen die zich kenmerken door een herkenbare visuele stijl, ongezouten kritiek op clichés die we allemaal onbewust omarmen, en niet te vergeten: een flinke dosis humor.

Daems van Remoortere

Lena Daems and Frederik van Remoortere form a multidisciplinary duo. Their work is situated on the border between theatre, film and visual arts. 'Builders, doers and tinkerers', is how they call themselves and that's the best way to sum up their work. A creative duo with grand ideas that belongs in De Studio!

De Spiegel

Theatre, concerts and installations for our youngest audience: this is where De Spiegel excels at. Their cosy and heart-warming performances stimulate the curiosity and wonder of babies and adults alike – one of the main reasons why families with young children find their way to De Studio.


Ephameron is the alias of in-house illustrator Eva Cardon, a PhD in the arts and a much-loved graphic guest both at home and abroad. She is the curator of our house festival Grafixx, the annual celebration of comics and illustration.


A house that forms the bridge between young talent and experienced makers. At fABULEUS, young people and starting professionals are given the framework to develop their qualities as actors, dancers or makers. In De Studio, you can admire the results: compelling productions that often spark the passion for theatre in teenagers and children.


FroeFroe has put figure theatre on the map in Flanders. Nobody juggles with puppets, masks, video, costumes and crazy attributes in such a unique way as FroeFroe. Surprising theatre for young and old. And don't you dare call it 'puppet theatre', because it is much more than that.

Hanneke Paauwe

Hanneke Paauwe has been a theatre maker with De Studio for many years. She can get into the heads of children like no other and that is why her children's performances are so popular with our audience. Hanneke knows what fascinates children. With her work, she wants to inspire them and train their resilience – something that is not part of the school curriculum, yet so important.

Het Kwartier

Het Kwartier focuses on text and dramaturgy. With their texts, this 'ensemblage' – not a permanent company, but an assembly of artists – already won several theatre awards. Het Kwartier guarantees strong and socially relevant performances, which can always count on a great reception from our audience in De Studio.

Johan Terryn

As a coach in the media and business world, he focuses on creative thinking as a generator of other perspectives. As an actor and creator Johan Terryn is mainly driven by 'the desire to try things out'. This desire resulted, among other things, in the successful monologue Het uur blauw, a unique story about the loss of a loved one.

Julie Cafmeyer

As a columnist for De Morgen, performer, writer and director Julie Cafmeyer did not go unnoticed. Julie, after all, is a woman who does not sugarcoat her opinions and effortlessly combines self-mockery with seriousness. She does not shy away from unabashed sex stories, for which she digs deep into her own experiences. At De Studio she feels right at home, in her own words as head of the Love & All Her Quirks department. (As well as the enfant terrible that she loves to be.)


Laika makes 'theatre of the senses': theatre that you can taste, smell and feel. Clear, visual and sensory theatre for all those who have not yet lost their sense of wonder. This internationally renowned company closely collaborates with international cultural institutions. And with De Studio, of course.

Mathilde Luijten

Twice a year Mathilde Luijten organises Overlast in De Studio, a festival that puts new talents, who want to be innovative and ahead of the curve, in the spotlight. In addition to that, she is also a radio producer at WAV (We Are Various), the nomadic online station with a permanent spot in the foyer of De Studio.

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Maxime Dreesen

Theatre maker and director with Limburg roots who lives and works in Antwerp. Maxime identifies themself as non-binary and their artistic projects are semi-autobiographical. In their theatrical work the search for alternative forms of sexuality plays a major role. At De Studio they are working, among other things, on an alternative sex education performance under the pseudonym Tabooboo.

Neal Leemput

Performer, theatre maker and the very first Secretary of Queer Affairs at De Studio. As artistic researcher he is connected to the Antwerp Conservatoire, as theatre maker and house artist of De Studio he works on performances in which a queer body image is central. Neal also regularly writes columns and opinion pieces.

Rashid Chellak

Rashid Chellak supports young people with artistic talent and guides them through the often difficult to penetrate cultural network. He is also in charge of the public relations for 'Nuff Said, the monthly stage for comedy, literature, spoken word and music, here at De Studio.

Robbert Vervloet

Theatre maker and actor Robbert Vervloet played with, among others, theatre group Elektra, fABULEUS, Het Paleis, Het Kwartier, Tuning People and Laika. On television he played in Gevoel voor tumor and Loslopend wild. In De Studio, Robbert creates his own work. His successful play Terminator Too was pure blockbuster theatre: a self-made ode to pop culture and film history, made out of cardboard. In the wake of the play, the short film Terminator Too - The Movie followed. Robbert Vervloet is outright playful – just the way we like it at De Studio.



Since 2000, Valentijn Dhaenens, Korneel Hamers, Mathijs F Scheepers and Clara van den Broek have been touring through Flanders and the Netherlands with performances that often stem from ideas found in current novels, films or documentaries. Recently Bjarne Devolder joined the company. Together with Clara van den Broek he created the performance Today I kill you. In 2020, Skagen & The Studio innovated with the WatchApps Emmi & Leo, Thomize & Imke, digital theatre performances that were watched by some 20 000 spectators via Whatsapp. For this, SKaGeN had its own unique app built.

Theater Artemis

In a world full of panic, this youth theatre company from 's-Hertogenbosch teaches a special trade: lessons in trust, in the midst of chaos. Theatre Artemis puts this noble ambition into practice with interactive and anarchistic theatre. Performances for all school-going children and all other people who want to indulge in theatre that does not obey its own laws. Surprises guaranteed!

Tim Oelbrandt

Tim was a well-known name in the underground magic scene – yes, that’s a thing – long before his breakthrough with the theatre crowd. In his enchanting performances he mixes the art of magic with illusions and magical theatre. He is also a magic consultant for theatre and TV productions and has worked on such VTM-series as Nicholas and Dat belooft voor later.


ZEBARBAR wants children to be able to recognise themselves in heroes because of what they do and think, regardless of origin or the colour of their skin. The theatre company led by Yamina Takkatz makes visual music theatre for a young audience, with a focus on metropolitan themes. Takkatz's aim is to find connection. For this, she departs from her own background while investigating the universal within her own story.