Point of U 2022


The festival

Point of U is on a mission: bringing together young content freaks - rookies & pros - to experiment and brainstorm on the future of cinema. Video making is no longer only limited to the hills of Hollywood, nor do you need flashy, expensive gear like the big production companies. You’ve got the DIY power, straight from your living room.

Guided by the experience of our pro’s, you delve into the subject. All workshops are dedicated to content creation and film production. With Violet Braeckman & Ramy Fouad, Issam Bougrine, Ilse Schooneknaep & many more! Think screenwriting, editing for dummies, acting, ... You name it, we've got it.

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The competition

Point of U’s mission is to find a new and fresh generation of directors, storytellers, creators & videographers, who are willing to enlighten the world with their unique Point of U.

Therefore, the Point of U competition is looking for young talent with an insatiable urge to think outside the box. Stories told vertically, the best alternative scenarios, the best clips or vlogs, … In short, Point of U wants to challenge young makers in breaking down the barriers of traditional film making.

This year 30 contestants are taking up the challenge within three categories: fiction, factual or music video clips. The most unique aspect of the competition is the fact that they’ll have to capture their stories vertically, shot with a smartphone. A high-end mini-series of short clips that fit within their category (fiction, docu or music video), directly streamed to their target audiences through social media.

Meet the judges: Bad Boys Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah, Flo Windey, Asian Rocky and Sven Van Alboom. Let the battle begin!

Point of U is organized by De Studio, De Cinema & Wajow. With the support of the City of Antwerp, CJSM & Samsung.

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De Studio, De Cinema & Wajow
De Studio, De Cinema & Wajow
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De Studio, De Cinema & Wajow
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