A venue for a young audience and a hub for young talent.


De Studio is a creative hub based at the Mechelseplein in the heart of Antwerp. At De Studio, children and young adults are spectators as well as artists/creators.

In 2011, the Province of Antwerp bought the building that used to house the famous drama and acting school Studio Herman Teirlinck. The arts organization Villanella acquired the long lease of the building. It was renamed De Studio and in addition to that new name, Villanella also gave it a new focus: theatre, cinema, music, literature, dance, parties, debates,… De Studio is a unique venue where every lover of performing arts feels at home.

Today, De Studio provides space and support to, among others, Theater FroeFroe, Laika, De Spiegel, fABULEUS, ZEBARBAR, Compagnie Barbarie and Theater Artemis. Artists turn their dreams into reality at De Studio, in order to blow the audience’s mind. 24/7.

One can never know what tomorrow brings, but as long as it innovates and surprises, what tomorrow brings deserves its place at De Studio.

We hope to see you soon at a theatre matinée by day or at a funky party in the middle of the night!

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20u00     do 30 nov

Join us for a mind-bending fusion of music, technology, and electrifying vibes at the most anticipated live coding event in Belgium of the year - the Algorave at De Studio, with special guest Sam Aaron, who created Sonic Pi!

🎶 On this event, we will unleash the Power of Code in Music! 🎶

🌟 What is an Algorave? 🌟


23u00     za 9 dec
w/ Budino

Dancing with a stranger
Careless of the danger
There within his smile
While the dew was forming

A cosmic journey through time, space and the world of various sounds like Italo, High Energy Disco & House, Spacey and Electronic Synthesizers & many more.

Line up

Larry Masmero
Kenny Montana


23u00     zo 31 dec

Finishing the year where we started it: De Studio.
Join us for a proper Contrair NYE featuring a line up of crowd favorites who will turn both the main hall and the "rotonde" into a dancefloor feeding frenzy.

Full line up will be announced on 15/11/2023.