Send In The Clowns

drag show & party

Oh that’s right fierce divas, snatch those wigs cause it’s getting hunty up in here. We finna let the children know that Send In The Clowns is entering their 7th edition slay era and it’s about to give very much the house down sickening boots vibes momma. No cap! All the other sus flops who are deadass so cringe will be gagging on the iconic drip of our show ‘cause it’s the goat. Not me literally stanning the rizz of our bussin line up. Bitch, it’s the actual audacity for me. So come through, step on my neck and take several seats, because that part is about to glow up, hit different and give you life, zaddy. And that’s on mothertucking period.

If you buy a ticket for the show, you get free entrance to the party. There are also separate tickets for the party available.

Of course we would like to welcome anyone who wants to come by in drag. The more Marys, the merrier! 


za 10 feb 24     21u00
show + party
De Studio
za 10 feb 24     23u00
De Studio