Send In The Clowns

drag show & party

Dreams can function as a temporary escape from reality. Because only by idealizing it, are we able to deal with it. At first glance this imaginary world can appear to be perfect. And if you choose to believe it, doesn’t that mean that this is your new reality? Life is but a dream, after all.
But unfortunately, some things are too good to be true. And what happens when reality inevitably starts dawning on you? When a wondrous psychedelic fairytale turns into a nightmare, you better tap those ruby slippers together to get back home fast.

Of course we would like to welcome anyone who wants to come by in drag. The more Marys, the merrier! That is why we treat all attendees in drag to two cavas (or alcohol-free alternatives) on the house.

Do you think you got what it takes to take the stage as a drag performer? We would like to see it! Apply through the form and get your 5 minutes of fame in front of a cheering crowd on our Open Stage and free entrance to the show & party.

If you buy a ticket for the show, you get free entrance to the party. There are also separate tickets for the party available.



za 12 aug 23     21u00
De Studio
za 12 aug 23     23u00
De Studio
za 25 nov 23     21u00
De Studio
za 25 nov 23     23u00