The Shade

with DRKNGHTS, Livgloss, Asian Sal and Bayny B2B Violently Happy

The Shade offers House, Techno and Trance since 2020.
On February 3rd, 2024, we're getting very shady with DRKNGHTS, Livgloss, Asian Sal and Bayny B2B Violently Happy in De Studio.

Leave your phone be and enjoy the moment. The Shade will capture it for you. We have invited talented nightlife photographers Maryan Sayd and Jonas Reubens.

We have one rule and one rule only: shades on. The Shade means partying with your sunglasses and we want you to wear your shadiest pair. The Shade is powered by KOMONO. Haven’t gotten your shades yet? Visit or pass by their Antwerp store (Kammenstraat 46).




Ravaging their way through the city’s nightlife, Amsterdam natives DRKNGHTS Collective have been pushing the underground club sound everywhere they go since the minute they touched a set of decks. Noted for THE DRKNGHTS SHOW on Red Light Radio, summer residency on Rinse FM and their own event at Garage Noord; CLXBKNGHTS - they’re sure to come in, take over completely and curate their own signature experience.
The collective is known for their unique outlook and daring choices when it comes to music. Phoenix and kristieyana enjoy exploring different combinations within their formation, creating endless possibilities which translates bewitchingly in their DJ sets.
Their ear has proven fruitful in many ways especially when it comes to convincing the audience with a musical selection spanning from electronic, bass, beats, drums and all heavy sounds. You can expect to be positively surprised by the many directions they may take you.

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Based in Berlin, Livgloss is making waves serving progressive house and trance, while drawing inspiration from 90s hard house to curate forward-thinking, high-energy sets.

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Asian Sal

Asian Sal, adopted from Semipalatinsk KZ, is an electronic music enthousiast and Antwerp DJ. Her energetic sets are filled with a diverse track selection covering percussive beats as well as acid house which will make your hearts race as fast as the bpm’s. She will guide you through a high-intensity journey with tracks with a powerful bassline, broken beats and melodies that gets you to dance.

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Violently Happy

This young and upcoming little ball of energy is on a mission to spread joy and we’re all here for it!

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Bayny is both visual artist and deejay, delving into 90's and early 2000's House, Tech House, Trance and Techno while putting an emphasis on build up and connections between individual tracks, as he constructs thematic sets, often specifically curated for an occasion. In each one, he clearly defines a beginning, middle and finale, taking you on a spiraling journey, a sonorous narrative delivered with outbursts of contagious playful energy, veiled in an aura of sultry melancholy.
Bayny is co-organiser and resident of The Shade, as well as co-founder and artistic director of Doel Festival, a festival located in the mythical village of the same name.

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Don't be too shady. The Shade, De Studio and Antwerp Art do not condone any form of harassment, sexual or otherwise. The Shade is a safe space, welcoming all persons.

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za 3 feb 24     22u00
De Studio