Opal - music

Vincent Moon - live cinema

with Merope & Hiele

The live cinema is a performance mixing live-edited cinema, music on stage and in the films screened, and a research towards a new ritualistic format. Each performance is a unique combination of films and musics, based on the recordings of Petites Planètes. A new show is created every night. All the performances are site-specific and sometimes involve local musicians and participants.

Vincent Moon is an independent french filmmaker and sound explorer. He was the main director of the Blogotheque's Take Away Shows, a web-based project recording field work music videos of indie rock related musicians as well as some notable mainstream artists like Tom Jones, R.E.M., or Arcade Fire. For the past ten years, Vincent Moon has been traveling around the globe with a camera in his backpack, documenting local folklores, sacred music and religious rituals, for his label Collection Petites Planètes.

The ensemble Merope creates atmospheric compositions in which they immerse Lithuanian folk music in warm ambient and electronic sound experiments. The spiritual melodies of Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė (vocals and kanklės) flow wonderfully into the otherworldly guitar and synthesizer play of Bert Cools. For their latest album Salos, which was released on the STROOM label, they joined forces with the 24-piece chamber choir Jauna Muzika from Vilnius. A warm and colorful listening experience that feels contemporary as well as deeply rooted in tradition.

Roman Hiele is a composer and performer of electronic music. Hiele released seven albums between 2013 and 2022 Belgian labels STROOM, Ekster, Ultra Eczema, and his own imprint Universal Exports which he co-runs with musician Yves De Mey and designer Allon Kaye. Hiele performs his music globally and has collaborated with numerous other musicians, as well as undertaking music and sound design work for film, theatre and art projects. Between 2018 and 2021 Hiele ran the restaurant/music venue Table Dance in Antwerp with artist Michelle Woods.



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