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Rio de Janeiro 1946. Alicia Huberman wordt door de Amerikaanse geheime agent Devlin gerecruteerd om een gevluchte nazispion te ontmaskeren. Het is Alicia’s missie om de man te verleiden, maar deze komt onder spanning te staan wanneer ze gevoelens krijgt voor Devlin. Bewonderaar François Truffaut beschouwde de spionagethriller als 'Hitchcock’s quintessence'.

“There is a scene in “Notorious,” and it was famous at the time as “the longest kiss in the history of the movies.” It was not, however, a single kiss. The production code forbade a kiss lasting longer than three seconds, and so Bergman and Grant alternate kissing with dialogue and eyeplay, while never leaving one another's arms. The sequence begins on a balcony overlooking Rio, encompasses a telephone call and a discussion of the dinner menu, and ends with a parting at the apartment door, taking three minutes in all. The three-second rule led to a better scene; an actual 180-second kiss might look like an exercise in slobbering.” - Roger Ebert

“The virtuoso sequences—the long kiss, the crane shot into the door key—are justly famous, yet the film’s real brilliance is in its subtle and detailed portrayal of infinitely perverse relationships.” – Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader

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Met: Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains, Louis Calhern


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